[fc] administrative notice

R. Hirschfeld ray@unipay.nl
Sat, 20 Jul 2002 17:43:14 +0200

Dear member of the Financial Cryptography community,

I have merged the email addresses of the FC conference attendees into
the fc@ifca.ai mailing list.  I removed identical duplicate addresses
from the merged list, but some of you may nevertheless receive double
messages if you registered for the conference with a different address
from what was already on the mailing list.

If you want to get rid of unwanted duplicates, let me know which
address you would like to have remain on the list and which should be
removed.  If you prefer not to receive announcements about the
Financial Cryptography conferences, let me know and I will remove you
from the mailing list.

The mailing list has moved to a new server and you can also perform
these maintenance operations yourself via a web-based interface.  Go
to http://mail.ifca.ai/mailman/listinfo/fc.  You will need a password
to access your subscription, but if all went well that was sent to you
when I set up the list.  Via the web interface you can also request
that the password be sent to you by email.

The fc list is intended only for official conference announcements and
is moderated.  There is also a separate unmoderated list called
"discuss" intended for discussion among conference participants and
others interested in financial cryptography.  Preferring opt-in to
opt-out, I have not subscribed anybody to the discuss list.  You can
subscribe if you wish at http://mail.ifca.ai/mailman/listinfo/discuss.
As an anti-spam measure, only subscribers can post to the discuss
list.  If this causes you difficulty because the address at which you
receive email is different from the address from which you send email,
you can subscribe both addresses (or as many addresses as you want)
and set only one of them to receive messages posted to the list.


Ray Hirschfeld
President, IFCA