[fc] list of papers accepted to FC'03

Rebecca N. Wright rwright@cs.stevens-tech.edu
Wed, 13 Nov 2002 12:42:38 -0500 (EST)

Here is the list of papers accepted to Financial Cryptography '03.  In
addition, there will be several invited talks and panels.  A
preliminary program will be available shortly.  For more info, see

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List of papers accepted to FC'03

A Micro-Payment Scheme Encouraging Collaboration in Multi-Hop Cellular
Markus Jakobsson and Jean-Pierre Hubaux and Levente Buttyan

Using Trust Management to Support Transferable Hash-Based
Simon N Foley

Fully Private Auctions in a Constant Number of Rounds
Felix Brandt

Verifiable Secret Sharing for General Access Structures, with
Application to Fully Distributed Proxy Signatures
Javier Herranz and Germán Sáez
Cryptanalysis of the OTM signature scheme from FC'02
Jacques Stern and Julien P. Stern

Squealing Euros: Privacy Protection in RFID-Enabled Banknotes
Ari Juels and Ravikanth Pappu

Preventing Tracking and ''Man in the Middle'' Attacks on Bluetooth
Dennis Kügler

Traversing Hash Chain with Constant Computation
Yaron Sella

Retrofitting Fairness on the Original RSA-Based E-Cash
Shouhuai Xu and Moti Yung

Fault based cryptanalysis of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
Johannes Blömer and Jean-Pierre Seifert

How Much Security is Enough to Stop a Thief?
Stuart E. Schechter and Michael D. Smith

Fair Off-Line e-Cash made easier
Matthieu Gaud and Jacques Traoré

Asynchronous Optimistic Fair Exchange Based on Revocable Item
Holger Vogt

Secure Generalized Vickrey Auction using Homomorphic Encryption
Koutarou Suzuki and Makoto Yokoo

Non-interactive Zero-Sharing with Applications to Private Distributed
Decision Making
Aggelos Kiayias and Moti Yung

Timed Fair Exchange of Arbitrary Signatures
Juan Garay and Carl Pomerance
On the Economics of Anonymity 
Alessandro Acquisti and Roger Dingledine and Paul Syverson