[fc-announce] RFID PRIVACY and SECURITY WORKSHOP @ MIT - November 15th

Simson L. Garfinkel slg@ex.com
Tue, 2 Sep 2003 17:27:24 -0400

                       RFID PRIVACY AND SECURITY
                           -WORKSHOP @ MIT-
                        CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                           November 15th
                             10am - 4pm

                             Bartos Theater
                            MIT Media Lab
                           20 Ames Street

Issues surrounding the use and deployment of RFID technology are 
quickly moving from business needs to the political. Technologists have 
created remote identification technology, but does the public want it?  
Last year, Benetton withdrew its plan to put RFID chips into some 
clothing after activists garnered international attention by pointing 
out that Benetton was about to deploy a technology without thinking 
through the privacy implications.

A lot is being said about RFID. Some of the criticism is dead-on 
target; other critique relies on scenarios that are technically 
impossible.  Meanwhile, some complaints that appear to be focused on 
RFID are actually criticisms about other technologies and business 
practices—things that can be done with or without radio frequency 
identification systems.

The goal of the RFID Privacy Workshop is to bring together RFID 
technologists, boosters, critics, privacy advocates, and journalists 
covering the space to establish some technical truths and a framework 
for discussing the policy issues.

WHEN:   Saturday November 15th, 2003.   10am - 4pm
WHERE:  Bartos Theater, MIT Media Laboratory, 20 Ames Street
         Cambridge, MA

FORMAT: A series of speakers including academics, RFID innovators, and
privacy activists will discuss RFID technology, policy and
privacy. There will be ample time for discussion and Q & A.

* Save the day!
* Register online at http://rfidprivacy.org/
* Submit a paper!

Draft Paper deadline: September 15th

We are looking for technical, review, position papers, and
presentations. Accepted papers will be made available in the workshop
proceedings; please indicate on your paper if you would also like to
present the paper to the workshop.

Papers are invited on the following topics:

* RFID Technology
* RFID Roadmap: Readers and Tags Today and Tomorrow
* RFID Privacy Issues
* Visions of the RFID-enabled future
* The Physics of RFID
* RFID Applications Currently Deployed, and Under Development
* Cryptography and RFID
* Kill and Beyond Kill
* Business Processes Enabled by RFID
* RFID: What can we do?

For more information: http://rfidprivacy.org/

We also have a "blog" of RFID privacy issues at