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>                         A PUBLIC POLICY PERSPECTIVE
>                                --CALL FOR PAPERS--
>       The information revolution has not only introduced new 
> technologies,
> but has changed the way business is conducted. Economic transactions
> increasingly take place via digital electronic activities focused 
> primarily
> on the interconnectivity obtained via the Internet.  A critical part of
> this interconnectivity is the way organizations have integrated their
> accounting and financial management systems with Internet–based
> applications.   The importance of the Internet to private and public
> organizations is well known.
>       As a result of the above noted developments, cyber security has 
> moved
> to center stage.  Indeed, cyber security (with its emphasis on 
> information
> and computer security) has itself become a key issue for private and 
> public
> organizations in the digital economy.  The public policy implications 
> of
> cyber security are now being actively debated.  The new Department of
> Homeland Security has certainly highlighted the importance of this 
> debate.
>       In order to help form the debate concerning the relations among
> financial systems, cyber security, and public policy, the Journal of
> Accounting and Public Policy
> (http://www.elsevier.nl/inca/publications/store/5/0/5/7/2/1/) is 
> pleased to
> announce that it will sponsor the first forum on the topic.  The title 
> of
> the forthcoming forum is: Financial Systems and Cyber Security: A 
> Public
> Policy Perspective.  The forum will be held at the University of 
> Maryland's
> Robert H. Smith School of Business, in cooperation with the Center for
> Public Policy and Private Enterprise (from Maryland’s School of Public
> Affairs), on May 28, 2004.
>       Papers for the forum should be submitted by March 1, 2004 to 
> either
> Dr. Lawrence A. Gordon or Dr. Martin P. Loeb, at the University of
> Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business, College Park, MD 20742.
> Authors of papers submitted for the forum will be notified as to 
> whether
> their papers have been accepted for presentation by April 5, 2004.  
> Papers
> selected for presentation at the forum will automatically receive
> consideration for publication in a forthcoming special issue of the 
> Journal
> of Accounting and Public Policy.
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