[fc-discuss] CFP: The Economics of Securing the Information Infrastructure

Stuart Schechter stuart.schechter@gmail.com
Thu, 2 Feb 2006 23:06:12 -0800

Dan Geer <dan@geer.org> asked:
> Is [The Workshop on the Economics of Securing the Information
> Infrastructure (WESII)] WEIS with a package re-design or is it
> competition?


   WESII is not a re-design of WEIS, nor is it competition.  WEIS has
a paper deadline of 3/20 and WESII has a paper deadline of 8/6 (4.5
months later).

   How did WESII come about?  The WEIS steering committee expressed
interest in having a second event to be held in late autumn.  The
Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (I3P), which is
sponsoring research in the economics of securing infrastructure,
wanted to sponsor a workshop on this topic.  We hoped that by focusing
the workshop we might be able to drive more security economics
research to the topic of infrastructure.

   WESII is thus co-sponsored by the I3P and by the WEIS steering
committee, with all but one of the WEIS committee's members
volunteering their time to serve on the WESII program committee.  I3P
has provided immense help in handling organizational details of the
event and bringing in program committee members.

   Other than the sharper focus of WESII, the other big difference
you've probably noticed is the size of the program committee.  WEIS
has a tradition of having a single committee in charge of both
steering the annual workshop and evaluating paper submissions.  The
new WESII workshop provided us with the opportunity to experiment with
an expanded the program committee.  I'm very excited about the line-up
of government and corporate policy-makers who have joined the WESII
committee.  I hope their presence will help to encourage the
submission of papers that are well-grounded to real-world problems.

   Best regards