[fc-discuss] Financial Cryptography Update: A Nokia Without A Phone

iang@iang.org iang@iang.org
Mon, 6 Feb 2006 12:52:54 +0000 (GMT)

(((((((( Financial Cryptography Update: A Nokia Without A Phone ))))))))

                           February 06, 2006





The Nokia 770 has just been released ... without a phone or a camera
(photo taken from an Ericsson).  But it does have a full-model Linux
install and can be used for all things Unix.

(And, a VoIP phone is coming soon, they say.  I wonder if Nokia reads
the news...)

Seriously though, the nexus with FC is more than reading this morning's
other blog entry - we want our own pocket PC so we can stick on our
secure online payments program.  Either a completely secure browser
environment for online banking or WebFunds for secure payments. 
Unfortunately, the small model Java Mobile isn't worth the bother to
rewrite all the apps.

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